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A complete assortment of food and accessories
for pets for retailers, professionals and wholesale.

Laroy Group and UZ Gent join forces in a valuable collaboration

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Laroy Group and UZ Gent join forces in a valuable collaboration

UZ Gent recently acquired 3 therapy dogs that play a special role in combating mental health problems and anxiety disorders. Laroy Group is proud to support these efforts by providing products that promote the well-being ...

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The love of animals is our driving force

Laroy Group is a family business on a human scale. A "home" to our employees, trading partners, animal lovers and their beloved pets, where we take everyone into account.

Together with our partners, our people are intent on providing end users with innovative, high-quality products and the best possible product experience.

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The road to a sustainable future
The road to a sustainable future
07 August 2023 - in Corporate
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New home for people
New home for people
01 August 2023 - in Corporate
The demolition of our old headquarters building (at the site of the new warehouse) has presented us with a unique opportunity to consolidate all our …