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Grooming products

Discover convenient grooming products for both pet owners and pets here.

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Convenient care products for the owner and pet

In this category, you will find grooming gloves for complete basic care of dogs and cats, soft bathing sand for chinchillas, degus, and gerbils for a shiny and hygienic fur, and a bird shower for birds.
The bird shower cleans, refreshes, and cares for your birds' feathers naturally, thanks to the balanced formula. Aloe vera provides a gentle feel and a pleasant scent, while peppermint oil acts as a natural insect repellent, antiseptic, and refreshing agent. 
Additionally, we also have a range of bathrobes and bath towels. These are made of microfiber or mircofiber. Thanks to this fast-absorbing material, your pet will be dry quickly after a bath.