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Made in the Netherlands since 1740


The Witte Molen story begins over 280 years ago in Meeuwen in the Dutch province of Brabant. At that time, millers were starting to trade seeds and grains. Soon, they were purchasing raw materials from around the world and ingredients started to flood in from all corners of the globe.

Today’s pet food creators – who are part of the Laroy Group – owe a lot to those early traders. The focus of the company may have now shifted, but the main focus on raw materials has remained the same. Today, Witte Molen uses this expertise – together with the know-how of its mother-business – to create and produce food products for ornamental birds, rabbits, rodents and pigeons.

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Witte Molen



A few numbers

  • Sold in +60 countries
  • 1.2 ha production site
  • +1800 ingredients available
  • +800 formulas
  • 5 strong brand concepts
  • 20+ types of packaging
  • + 100 silo's storage capacity
  • 9 ton per hour production



Everything you need under one roof!

Eating healthily & responsibly is important for everyone, so the animals we love and care for deserve the same. That’s why Witte Molen goes the extra mile to enhance the wellbeing of animals and their caretakers by producing and marketing convenient, innovative and best-in class food and care products for ornamental birds, small mammals, wild birds, pigeons & poultry. Discover the 5 strong brand concepts here.


PUUR : The pure pleasure of nature's flavours !

Gourmet mixes and snacks for rabbits, small animals and birds. Gastronomic, delicious recipes designed to meet the needs of your animals, packed full of nutritious ingredients. Free from artificial preservatives, colourants and flavourings.

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EXPERT : +150 result-oriented feeds

More than 150 result-oriented feeds for birds, small animals and rabbits: balanced, nutritious mixes, ready-to-use egg foods and soft foods, mono-component products.

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COUNTRY : A return to simpler times

Traditional mainstream mueslis for rabbits, small animals and birds. Popular 'value for money' mixes for a wide audience.

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Top Fresh : bedding and nesting materials

A range of top-quality bedding and nesting materials for birds, rabbits and rodents for a guaranteed healthy living environment!

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PLUS : Mineral feeds for pets

A broad selection of dietary supplements for small rodents, rabbits, birds, chickens and pigeons. These products promote good health and have been created following extensive research carried out by a team of experts.

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