New D&D home cuddles

New D&D home cuddles

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Everything is better with your friends! So we are introducing new sturdy toys for your four-legged friend.
From now on, Sheldon, Banjo, Navy, Isla, Teddy, Emmy, Quasi, Cosmo, Kayli, Liz & George are ready to give your dog hours of warmth and playtime fun. The soft toys are made of woven interior fabric, each with their own features such as a squeaker or crinkle wrap.

This cute but stubborn penguin keeps quiet until he starts flapping his wings! The wings come with popper foil.

This seal loves to play and already has his rubber play ring hanging around his neck!

Unlike his peers, Sheldon has sturdy feelers made of knotted rope. In his home, he carries a large pancake squeaker with him.

His head is fitted with a pancake squeaker.

There is a knotted rope in Quasi's body which makes it attractive for the dog to chew on.

Kayli's wings make a cracking sound and the pancake squeaker in his belly makes Kayli easy to hear when playing with him

This polar bear has a round squeaker in his tummy that will help him get through his hibernation.

Liz was already available in other colors and finishes. Now she has a soft curly coat for cuddling.  The squeaker in his long nose is sure to attract attention.

Emmy was already available in other colors and finishes. Now she has a soft curly coat for wonderful cuddling. With two squeakers in her nose and her tail made of knot rope, Emmy is an interesting companion to play with.

George was also already available in other colors and finishes. Now he has a soft curly coat to cuddle with delightfully. When George has fallen prey, his long neck allows him to be easily carried or thrown away. The thick rope with knots extends from his head to his buttocks. This makes George an interesting toy to frolic with.

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