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Noir Japandi

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"NOIR Japandi is timeless, innovative, and sustainable. The professional care products feature an ergonomically responsible handle, made of FSC-certified beechwood, optimizing ease of use. The combination of black metal and dark-stained wood creates a luxurious appearance. The sleek, minimalist, natural design characterizes the Japandi style. The Japandi collection offers a wide variety of products, including hair care items, nail clippers, and a tick remover.

Noir Japandi emerged from a passion for innovative design and the need to offer luxurious, professional care products. Sustainability also plays a significant role. The handle is made of FSC-certified beechwood, known for its strength, splinter-free nature, and long-lasting qualities when combined with sturdy metal.

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The conical shape and soft finish of the handle optimize ease of use. The products feel comfortable in the hand, and some also feature a thumb rest for a proper posture during care activities.

The diversity of the collection ensures that there is a suitable brush for every breed and coat type. Different coat types require different care methods and products. The use of incorrect products can lead to more hair loss and harm the health of the animal.

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NOIR places the safety and well-being of the animal at the forefront. The wooden handle prevents static in the coat and reduces the risk of matting. Additionally, the rounded teeth and blades ensure gentle care without damaging the skin.

In addition to coat care products, the Noir Japandi collection includes nail clippers and, not to be forgotten, a precise tick remover. The tick remover is made of stainless steel and is easy to use.

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From deshedding tools and detangling combs to tick removers, Noir Japandi offers the right care products for animals. With its timeless, sustainable design and optimal ease of use, Noir Japandi brings innovation to its category.

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