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During growth, it’s crucial to teach puppies the foundations of behaving and
let them experience different aspects of play. They should be challenged with
diverse incentives to keep them interested, curious and develop their intelligence.
Our toys are specially designed to meet all these needs.


Four different new toys, each with a unique shape and function. They are all available in three different colors. Their names: Cleo • Gigi • Pilou • Puffi

Pick one, or more, and prepare for a tsunami of happiness when giving it
to man’s best friend!

Petit Cleo Yellow dogtoy


Cleo is a chewing toy for young or anxious dogs. As with babies and toddlers, puppies’ gums become sore when they are teething. As a result, puppies want to chew more to relieve the pain. Chewing also helps calm anxious or nervous dogs. Each key has its own texture for chewing or rewarding.


Gigi is a multifunctional reward toy for puppies. Gigi is a reward toy that can be used with dry or wet food. This toy can also be used for toilet training, boredom or weight control. Gigi has a number of compartments that make it a real challenge for your dog to knock kibble or snacks out of it. The Gigi toy guarantees long, absorbing playtime fun.

Petit Gigi Pink Dogtoy
Pilou Petit bleu dogtoy


Pilou is an interactive chew toy for puppies. Pilou makes playing with your puppy a real challenge:who will be the first to let go? How far can the Pilou be thrown?
The combination of natural rubber and rope provides a varied chewing experience. The rope cleans the teeth, and the rubber relieves teething pain and is calming to chew.


Puffi is a multifunctional snack toy for cats. Puffi is a challenging snack toy for cats. It featuresa suction cup on the underside that can be fixed to smooth surfaces. Puffi comes with a compressed catnip ball that fits snugly into Puffi’s mouth. You can also put a matatabi stick in the corners of Puffi’s mouth or fill the mouth with snacks for your cat to fish out.

Puffi Petit Yellow dogtoy

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