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Sand paper cover

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  • Ideal for a clean and hygienic bird house
  • Covered with ground oyster shells and sand
  • With a fresh, pleasant anise scent
  • The rough structure keeps the nails short and beak sharp
  • Easy to use & clean: cover the entire floor & refresh regularly
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S - 8pcs - 21x35cm
Art. nr.:
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M - 6pcs - 25x40cm
Art. nr.:
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L - 5pcs - 28x43cm
Art. nr.:
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Dimensions Article code EAN Price And order
S - 8pcs - 21x35cm 12792
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M - 6pcs - 25x40cm 12793
L - 5pcs - 28x43cm 12794

Product Description

Hygienic sandpaper for the floor of the bird house

Keep the bird house clean & hygienic with duvoplus sandpaper. This protective floor is covered with ground oyster shells and sand mixed with anise scent. A practical and essential accessory for every bird lover. Thanks to the anise scent, a pleasant odour diffuses around the bird house. Moreover, the sandpaper is rough and its abrasiveness ensures proper care for the beak and nails. It´s easy to use and clean. Lay the sandpaper on the floor of the house and trim the paper if necessary. Refresh the sandpaper each week for an optimal hygiene.

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